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Email Security
for your business
Email filtering and Archiving for your Hosted Exchange account

Upgrade to Email Security
Designed exclusively for your Hosted Exchange mailboxes.

With our Email Security you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll never lose any
essential email traffic. Including Disaster Recovery and Archiving options our Email
Security also provides an AntiSpam and AntiVirus service, which blocks over 99% of all
With our Email Security you’ll also benefit from:
No software installation
Interception before reaching your server
1 year or 10 year archiving
No investment in fixed assets/heavy hardware
Enable on a per-mailbox basis
99% enterprise-class email filtering
Fully-hosted service
Takes effect to your accounts immediately

Email Security feature list
Key features of Email Security for Hosted Exchange

[table td1=”Email Security Features” td2=”Filtering” td3=”Filtering + archiving”] [td1] 1 [/td1] [td2] Y [/td2] [td3] Y[/td3] [/table]

Please see page 4 and 5 of the email-security.pdf file, I cant work out how to insert all.

Increased protection
Our Email Security adds an increased layer of protection against spam and
virus threats, ensuring that over 99% of spam is identified and removed
before it reaches your Hosted Exchange mailbox.
Not only this but any spam is quarantined for 14 days, meaning that you
can inspect and resend any messages that you wish to receive.


First-class Email Security
Use Email Security to better protect your Hosted Exchange
Email Security archives all inbound, outbound and internal email for up to 10
years independent from Exchange, giving you even more peace of mind that
your emails are secure.
Your emails are indexed, compressed and securely archived in real time at
twin geographical independent datacenters. You are also able to view and
retrieve each email independently or group thousands by date, providing you
with the tools to recover archived emails quickly and easily back into your
Hosted Exchange mailbox.

Keep your data safe with our Email Security
Tel: 0800 6125644 / 01295 369832