We offer many types of computer repairs of desktops, laptops, screen replacements, data transfer old to new computers and setup services.
We quote, and wait for your go ahead before proceeding with any work.

See below for more information:

Over time computers become slower, struggle to load programs and webpages within a reasonable time and even appear to be stuck rendering it unusable. This is very common, and we will be able to resolve this for you, if you are in this situation please do come and see us with your computer, or we can come out to you. We will provide a full health check of your computer, remove any viruses and unwanted programs, improve its performance where possible and provide recommendations.

Laptops can be annoying when they slow down to a halt or simply don’t power on, or work as intended. There are various things that can deem a laptop or desktop faulty or in a not working state so it would not be possible to list everything here. We can help you resolve your computer problems, by you bringing your computer to us we will be able to diagnose the issue and report back to you with options and a quote. You can also contact us by phone or email to discuss your requirments.

Are you in need of replacement parts or upgrades? we can help you, from laptop chargers, batteries & keyboards to motherboards, hard drives memory plus more! If you are sourcing parts please do contact us via the contacts page or give us a call on 01295 369832.

We are proud to say we offer lifetime warranty on all of our laptop screens that are fitted and supplied by us. We don’t cover for damage, and forms of misuse. If you have a damaged screen, flickering, lines etc, please call us or email us with your make and model and we will be glad to quote you for a new screen plus fitting. An average screen cost including fitting is at £75.

Symptoms of having been infected with a virus, malware, or adware will be your computer being slow, unresponsive etc. Even if you have protection, you can still get unwanted programs, viruses – not all protection software will protect you 100%. We will be able to resolve this for you and recommend what to change and the way you use your computer to help prevent this. We also offer cloud based protection for businesses. Please contact us for further information.